Feeling helpless when watching the suffering in Ukraine?

At the July monthly meeting of Winslow WI, one of the members told the meeting about local efforts to collect 8” knitted squares to make in to blankets to be sent to Ukraine. “Wouldn’t it be good,” she said, “If Winslow WI could knit enough squares to make a blanket?” 

At the next meeting it was obvious that the WI had enough already to make up two blankets. We were told that such had been the response to the knitting appeal that there was now a shortage of volunteers to crochet the squares together, so three of our members were taken off knitting and set to crochet. Stashed wools were gathered together and charity shops stripped bare of wool. Conversations among friends and relatives, fellow passengers on buses resulted in more and more squares coming in from other craft groups and organisations in the town. Amazingly a box of balls of new wool was posted from Ireland as a contribution!

In November we learned that 30 blankets had already been delivered and we were shown pictures of the recipients in the windowless shells of their homes wrapped up in colourful blankets --- further encouragement to the knitters. The charity organising the transport is called Hope and Aid Direct. Winslow WI has now passed on 13 blankets from Winslow which joined the load going out to Ukraine before Christmas.

We are still knitting because it is something we can do to help others facing a winter of cold and danger: it puts into perspective our own grumbles at having to turn down the heating a notch or two in homes that have roofs and even windows and doors.

Thanks to all our knitters. You are doing a wonderful job.