Our Committees

Committees, working groups and individual volunteers are active all year round thinking up ways to keep members busy and entertained.  We always welcome more help with these activities, so whether you can offer an hour here and there, or want to get totally immersed let us know!  Click on the button below under "Communications & Digital"

Leisure & Craft

A busy and creative group, putting on regular educating and entertaining events around the county.  The L&C team also run short breaks and trips, as well as the annual inter Federation quizzes. 

Science & Society

The team behind Investigation & Discovery, our annual Science Day.  This group also co-ordinates local and national campaigning efforts, including work on the climate emergency.


This Committee researches and auditions new speakers for the Buckinghamshire Approved Speakers List; the 2023-2024 edition will be out soon.  Please do get in touch if you would like to attend an open audition.   Speaker report forms available on the Resources page.


This hardworking team helps produce the digital newsletter, this website and our social media presence.  Our Digital Team Leader is always happy to help members sort out technical 'glitches' as well.


Supporting and overseeing all the work of the Federation, and ensuring that the WI fulfils its charitable objects and delivers it strategic vision, our Board of Trustees is a dedicated and experienced group of member volunteers. 


Our Member Support Committee is made up of WI Advisers, the organisational experts of the WI, and is responsible for forming new WIs and supporting existing ones.  You can contact the WI Adviser on duty with questions on the running of your group.